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These articles are republished here with permission. They are ‘as submitted’ and may differ in small ways from the printed versions.

Year Month Title
View 2006 October Study of the Year 2005
View 2006 November Nicholas Rossolimo
View 2006 December John Roycroft
View 2007 January Kasparyan and Gurvich
View 2007 February Richard Harman
View 2007 March Oldrich Duras
View 2007 April Frantisek Prokop and Gregory Slepyan
View 2007 May Yochanan Afek
View 2007 June Alexander Hildebrand
View 2007 July Alexander Hildebrand again
View 2007 August Timothy Whitworth
View 2007 September John Beasley
View 2007 October Hermann Mattison
View 2007 November Bent Memorial Tourney
View 2007 December Mike Bent
View 2008 January Marcel van Herck
View 2008 February British Player Composers
View 2008 March Studies for Solving
View 2008 April Israeli Compositions
View 2008 May Harold Lommer
View 2008 June Hastings
View 2008 July Ward Stoffelen
View 2008 August Shadow Boxing
View 2008 September Mark Liburkin
View 2008 October Study of the Year 2006
View 2008 November Soyuz-Apollo
View 2008 December Composing Tourneys
View 2009 January The Jurmala PCCC and WCSC
View 2009 March Ernest Pogosyants
View 2009 April Paul Cumbers and John Nunn
View 2009 May Sergey Didukh
View 2009 June ASSIAC
View 2009 July Peckover and Chekhover
View 2009 September Stalemate
View 2009 October StrateGems
View 2009 November Cedric Lytton
View 2009 December WCCT 2006-2008
View 2010 January Tel-Aviv-100 JT
View 2010 February Alexey Troitzky
View 2010 March Corrections
View 2010 May David Gurgenidze
View 2010 June Gulyaev, Botvinnik and Liburkin
View 2010 July European Chess Solving Championships, Sunningdale
View 2010 August Bilek-75 JT
View 2010 September The WCCT
View 2010 November Kasparyan-100 MT
View 2010 December Julius Gunst and 2010 Jenever Tourney
View 2011 February Richard Reti and a Draughts Champion
View 2011 April Classics by Richard Reti and Alexey Troitzky
View 2011 May Gia Nadareishvili and Ilham Aliev
View 2011 June The Macleod Award
View 2011 October Peter Copping and Enrico Paoli
View 2011 November Study of the Year 2011
View 2011 December One New and One Original Study
View 2012 February Jan Timman
View 2012 March The British Chess Solving Final 2011-2012
View 2012 May Genrikh Kasparyan at the Chess Club
View 2012 June The Latest from EG
View 2012 July Paul Heuacker and Velimir Kalandadze
View 2012 October Sergey Didukh and Ladislav Prokes
View 2012 November Aleksandr Herbstman and Leonid Topko
View 2012 December Oleg Pervakov
View 2013 January Oleg Pervakov again

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