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Chess Problem 2001h1b501

BDS & Colin Sydenham

Comm., Wageningen, 2001


Patrol Chess

1.NEf3! ()

1...e2   2.NEd1#
1...g4   2.NEh5#
1...Be8  2.NEd7#
1...Bc8  2.NEd7#

A simple illustration of the powers of Nonstop Equihopper (NE) and Patrol Chess. In the diagram position the bK is not in check from the wS, as the wS is not observed by a friendly unit. In the first two variations the black pawn moves enable the NE to jump to a square from which it mates the bK, and, in the case of d1, can’t be captured because of the Patrol rule. The bBd7 can only move without capturing as it itself is not observed. Wherever it goes, the NE can occupy the square it has just vacated and it can’t capture back.

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