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Chess Problem 2001a6c401


The Problemist Supplement, 2001


LEOs g6; g1
PAOs e1, f1
MAOs d3; e2, f3

1.Rc7!   (2.LEc6#)

1...LEd4  2.LExg8#
1...MAfd4 2.LEf7#
1...MAed4 2.LEe6#
1...d4    2.Bxg8#

“... illustrates the sort of strategy possible with Chinese pieces. The key. 1.Rc7, threatens 2.Lec6. Black can defend by playing a piece to d4, cutting the Mao's guard of c5 in anticipation of the Leo cutting the rook's guard of the same square. If 1...Led4, White mates with 2.Lexg8, which would have been impossible earlier, as the black Leo would have recaptured. After 1...Mfd4 2.Lef7 is mate because the Mao's move has left the f1 Pao without a hurdle and consequently it cannot capture the Leo. 1...Med4 2.Lee6 repeats this strategy. Finally 1...d4 opens a line for 2.Bxg8.” - Michael McDowell

This is another problem that took about twenty years to get into publishable shape.

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