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Chess Problem 1999h2a101


The Problemist Supplement, 1999


LEO f1
PAO d1, h1

1.Kg1!     (2.PAxf1#)

1...LEh3    2.Kg2#
1...LEg2    2.Kxg2#
1...LEe1    2.PAxe1#
1...LExh1   2.PAxh1#
1...LE else 2.K(x)f2#

The key unpins the black LEO and threatens mate by capturing that LEO. If the LEO captures the threatened capturer, it gets captured by the other PAO. In all the other variations the black LEO leaves the pin line and the white king then shuts it off or captures it in mating.

This was the only real success of a program I wrote back then to generate sound #2s with Chinese Pieces. The post-key position is as generated by the program, but I adjusted the key to improve it.

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