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Chess Problem 1999e2c701

Jörg Kuhlmann & BDS

diagrammes, 1999



1.Ke3! (2.Kd4#)

1...Ba1 2.Kd4+ Rb2 3.Kc3 &   4.Kxb2#
1...Rb6 2.Kd4+ Rf6 3.Ke5    (4.Kxf6,Ke6#)
                         Se6 4.Kf4#

In the first variation Black defends by a critical move of the bishop to a1, but it is even more locked away there than at g7. Black's other defence involves playing the rook to interfere with the bishop. There are short mates after other moves of the black rook on the file. This was misprinted on initial publication as a #3, but after reprinting still proved difficult to solve.

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