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Chess Problem 1998h1f101

Jörg Kuhlmann, BDS & John Rice

The Problemist Supplement, 1998


1.Rg3[+wPh3]? (2.Rg1[+wPg3]#) 1...Bd4!

1.Re3[+wPh3]! (2.Re1[+wPe3]#)

1...Bc3        2.Rg3[+wPe3]             (3.Rg1[+wPg3]#)
                             Bf3[+bPh5]+ 3.Rxf3[+wPg3]#
1...Be2[+bPh5] 2.Rxe2[+wPe3] &           3.Re1[+wPe2],Rf2[+wPe2]#

The defence to 1.Rg3? has to be eliminated by the key rook first moving through e3. On leaving that square, it leaves behind a white pawn, which blocks the line of guard to g1.

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