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Chess Problem 1998e8c501

BDS & Juraj Lorinc

1st Comm., Martin-Zilina, 1998-1999


PAOs e7; e2
VAOs g8, h1, h8

1.Bf8!     (2.PAxe2#)

1...S any   2.PAe4#
1...f5      2.PAe5#
1...fxg6    2.PAe6#
1...PAe1    2.PAxe1#
1...PAxe7   2.Bxe7#
1...PA else 2.PAd7#

The white PAO is line-pinned against the white king so the threat has to be down the e-file, but it can’t play to any of the empty squares as landing on one would block the guard of a white Chinese piece to a square adjacent to the black king. Black can defend by closing (in a Chinese fashion) each line of guard, but each leads to mate because the white PAO can now open that white line of guard by landing on one of those empty squares.

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