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Chess Problem 1997d6h301

Charles Frankiss, Mark Ridley, BDS & Juraj Lorinc

3rd Prize, Variant Chess, 1997-1998

Circe, Rex Inclusiv
LEO a8, e7
PAO c7, d1, f1; b7 f6, g8
VAO b8, g2

1.Kc6!          (2.Kxb7[+bPAb1] VAxb7[+wKe1]#

1...VAxc6[+wKe1] 2.gxf5[+bPf7]  PAg1#
1...Bxc6[+wKe1]  2.bxa7         PAb1#
1...Rcxc6[+wKe1] 2.Sd3          LEb4#
1...Rexc6[+wKe1] 2.e4           LExe4[+wPe2]#
1...PAxc6[+wKe1] 2.Sf3          LEh4#
1...Sxc6[+wKe1]  2.axb5[+bBc8]  LEa1#
1...dxc6[+wKe1]  2.Sxc6         Rexc6[+wSb1]#
1...LExc6[+wKe1] 2.e4           LExe4[+wPe2]#

The white king is not in check in the diagram position as there is no threat to remove it from the board as its rebirth square (e1) is not occupied. The threat puts a black PAO on b1 so that Black has to follow up by capturing the white king, so removing it to e1, where it is in check and mate, because its rebirth square is occupied. All Black's defences remove the white king by capture to e1, after which White can play to force Black to mate.

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