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Chess Problem 1997d2e401

Jörg Kuhlmann & BDS

diagrammes, 1997


e3, e7, f1, f7

1.Gd8!  (2.Bf5,Sg5#)

1...Bf6  2.Ga8#
1...Rf6  2.Rxd4#
1...Sf4  2.Sf2#
1...Bxh3 2.Bf3#

The unachieved idea behind this problem was to show a Novotny and a Grimshaw on the same square. However, we did manage to combine an anti-Novotny and a Grimshaw. The key is the anti-Novotny element in that the removal of the key piece threatens two mates because the guard lines of two black grasshoppers have been severed. In the first two defences, Black re-occupies the square just departed by Black, so re-guarding the threat squares. These two pieces though interfere with each other – which is a Grimshaw. The two by-play variations are just simple unguards.

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