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Chess Problem 1996h6c301


British Chess Magazine, 1996



1.a3!  (2.Bxe5 &    3.Qb4#)

1...d6  2.c5       (3.Qb4#)
               Kxd4 3.cxd6#
1...Se3 2.Qb4+ Kxd4 3.Qb2#
1...Rb5 2.Qxb5 &    3.Qb4#

This problem grew out of the idea for the first variation, where White gives a flight with a pawn move leading to a pin-mate given by another move of the same pawn. It was good to be able to add the self-block variation 1...Se3, while 1...Rb5 was easy to deal with. With 1...Re7 and 1...Re8 threatening check to the white king, this problem is probably not difficult to solve.

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