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Chess Problem 1995g3h701


3rd HM., Phénix, 1995


LEOs g6; d7
PAOs d3; b8
VAOs b3, d6; g8

1.VAa4  (2.PAa3  PAb3#)

1...VAb3 2.LEg8  LEg7#
1...PAb3 2.VAb8  LEc7#
1...Bb7  2.PAb3  PAxb3#

In the threat and the first two (thematic) variations, a white chinese piece, on a line to the white king, moves backwards along that line, forcing a black chinese piece to move onto a square between it and the white king, giving mate. In each case the white piece has hidden itself on the only square from which it can't stop the mate. In these thematic variations the black error is simply square vacation for the white piece. The key-piece simply steps aside, but must go to a4 to prevent 1...Ra3!

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