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Chess Problem 1995f8f401

John Rice & BDS

4th Prize, The Problemist, 1995



1.Se7?  (2.Sxg6#) 1...Qh5!
1.Sb4?  (2.Sd3#)  1...Qxe2!

1.Kg7!  (2.Qxd6+ Kxe4 3.Qe5#
                 Kf5  3.Qe5#)

1...Rh3  2.Se7   &    3.Sxg6#
1...Rg2  2.Sb4   &    3.Sd3#
1...Qxe2 2.Kxg6  &    3.Qf5#

A good beginning to discovering the theme of this problem is to examine the two tries. 1.Se7?, threatening 2.Sxg6#, is refuted by 1...Qh5!, while 1.Sb4?, threatening 2.Sd3#, is refuted by 1...Qxe2! After the key the theme is shown in the first two variations. Black, in defending himself against the threat, is persuaded to move his rook on g3 - giving his king an escape square. By these moves he interferes with his queen, so that there is then no defence to the mate threatened by White on his next move. The third variation is by-play.

This problem had its origin at a problemists’ meeting somewhere in Germany. I was struggling trying to compose a three mover with the theme shown. John Rice offered to help and, a few days after the meeting had come to an end, he presented me with the finished problem.

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