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Chess Problem 1995c3d501


Die Schwalbe, 1995


LEO c1
PAOs e1, f1, h3
VAOs a7, e8, g1, h6
MAOs e3, f6

1.fxe6!  (2.e7#)

1...PAhf3 2.Sg3#
1...VAf4  2.Sg5#
1...VAd4  2.Sc5#
1...VAf2  2.Sxf2#
1...LExc6 2.Sd2#
1...VAd7  2.exd7#
1...VAf7  2.exf7#

The MAO + S battery opens five times, with the idea of the problem being shown in the first three variations above, where a Chinese piece moves towards the MAO, so allowing the S to play to a square beyond it, where, before Black's move, it would have provided a hurdle over which the Chinese piece could have attacked the checking MAO. The MAO + P battery, set up by the key, fires twice. This was a difficult construction and the great number of Chinese pieces it required (3 black PAOs, 4 black VAOs) is to be regretted.

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