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Chess Problem 1995c1f501


2nd HM., Problem Observer, 1995


H#2 2 solutions
LEO c3
PAOs a2, g2; f4
VAOs a1, a4, h1; e6

1.Sc4  PAxa5 2.Sf7 VAd7#
1.LEd4 VAc2  2.Rg4 PAxf2#

In the diagram position 1.VAd7+? would be mate if the hurdle VAe6 couldn't move. Likewise, if wPAa2 could capture on f2, that would be mate but for ability of the hurdle PAf4 to move. In each solution on his first move Black blocks off one line of escape for the intended hurdle and on his second move blocks off the one on the other side of the hurdle. Meanwhile White points a Chinese piece at the bK, which makes another escape square inaccessible due to self-check.

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