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Chess Problem 1995b1a401


Hull Chess Club Magazine, 1995 (After C. S. Kipping, Hull Times, 1921-1922)




1...Rb3 2.Qxa5+ Kxa5 3.Rxa6+ Kxa6 4.a8=Q#
1...c6  2.a8=S  Rb3  3.Sb6+  Kxa3 4.Qxa5#

An extension of a Kipping #3 with a checking key. An old-fashioned #4. There is a threat but it never happens as all Black’s moves defeat it.

It was Eric Fisher of Hull Chess Club who showed me several Kipping problems from copies of the Hull Times that he had unearthed. This is one of several that I worked on and that Eric published in his excellent club magazine.

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