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Chess Problem 1995a5d501


The Problemist Supplement, 1995


PAO b7
VAO e8
MAO c5; f3, f5

1.Sa3!   (2.Sc2 &  3.Sb4#)

1...MAe1  2.VAh5 & 3.VAf3#
1...MAxe3 2.PAf7 & 3.PAf5#

After each black defence, White is able to threaten to occupy the square just vacated and the threat exists because the square has been vacated. Black can't defend the threat squares and can't switchback to occupy them and so nullify the threat. It is good that all the play is quiet, but it would be better if I had managed to combine the functions of the white Pao and Vao into a single Leo.

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