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Chess Problem 1992e1d301

BDS & Geoff Frost

Problem Observer, 1992



1.Rd8!  (2.Sxc5+  Rxc5,bxc5 3.dxc5#)

1...Sxe4 2.Qxe4+  Kxe4      3.Rd6#
1...cxd4 2.Qxd4+  Kxd4      3.Sc5#

After the (strong) key there are two wQ sacrifices, each leading to a mate from a different battery.

Well-known Sheffield League chessplayer Geoff Frost and I had been talking about another chess problem. I forget which. The conversation gave me an idea, which led to this problem. It seemed only fair to credit Geoff with joint-authorship as he had provided the very necessary inspiration.

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