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Chess Problem 1992c8d501


feenschach, 1992


LEO d1
PAOs c7; a2, h3
VAOs b6, h8; b1
MAOs a3, b2, c2, d3

1.Rxf5!  (2.Rxe5+  fxe5   3.LEh5#)

1...MAbc4 2.LEg4         (3.LExd7#)
                   MAxc5 3.LEd1#
1...MAac4 2.LEe2         (3.Bxe4#)
                   MAxc5 3.LEd1#
1...PAxe3 2.LEh5   &     3.Rxe5, Rxf6#
1...PAh5  2.LEf3+  exf3  3.Bxf3#

The first two (thematic) variations show anticipatory interference, with Black interfering on his first move with the bMA that moves to c5 on his second move. The switchback mates on move 3 work because Black can't switchback the MAc5, which is blocked on c4. The four bMAs and the two wVAs on the some colour mean that I probably wouldn't publish such a problem today.

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