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Chess Problem 1992b3g601


feenschach, 1992


VAOs c2; a4, e1, f8
MAOs b1, b7

1.Kb4!   (2.d4#)

1...MAd2+ 2.Sc3#
1...MAc3+ 2.Sd2#
1...MAd6+ 2.Sc5#
1...MAc5+ 2.Sd6#
1...VAxg3 2.Sxg3#

The wK walks into four checks leading to anti-battery mates. One solver very ingeniously constructed a version of this problem where all the pieces were Chinese Pieces. There is a view that as Chinese Pieces are a family then one should use only Chinese Pieces and not orthodox pieces in a problem when one can. I do not subscribe to this. I believe that one should use only as much strangeness as one needs. Any more I consider as camouflage – like using a wQ when a wR would do and a wR is available.

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