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Chess Problem 1991h7h401


Problem Observer, 1991


GRASSHOPPERs d4, h1; a6, b1, d1, f4
NIGHTRIDERs b6, c2; d8

1.Gh8! (2.Gh6, Kg8#)

1...f6  2.Ncf8# (2.Nbf8+? Gag6!)
1...f5  2.Nbf8# (2.Ncf8+? Gbg6!)
1...Gf8 2.Nh3#

By moving the bPf7, Black opens the line of the bNd8 and thus defends against the threats. After the moves of this pawn it seems that either Nf8 will be mate, but there is dual-avoidance in that the pawn, by its arrival, provides a hurdle for a bG to get to g6 and so interpose on the check from f8. The double threat is a flaw, but I couldn’t eliminate it.

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