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Chess Problem 1991f5d401


Problem Observer, 1991


GRASSHOPPERs a1, a7, b3, d7, g7, h4:
a5, b1, f1, g6, g8, h3, h5

1.Gd1!   (2.Gd5#)

1...Gbxd1 2.Be4#
1...Gfxd1 2.f4#
1...Gd8   2.Re5#
1...Ge6   2.f3#

Grasshoppers are hoppers with a specific feature. They must hop to the square just past the hurdle. This problem is my attempt to thematise that. In the first three variations White mates by moving a hurdle along a Grasshopper line to the square adjacent to his own king. These moves would be self-check if Black hadn’t just removed a Grasshopper from the line. Construction was difficult and a plague of Grasshoppers resulted, though I do have to admit to a liking for this position with its upside-down queens. One solver pointed to the wBg1 and said the position was illegal, but, as I don’t know how games with Grasshoppers start, and he didn’t say, I haven’t been able to confirm his opinion.

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