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Chess Problem 1991f4d401


1st Comm., Problem Observer, 1991



1.Sh4!  (2.Sf5#)

1...Bd2  2.Qxd6#
1...Sd2  2.Qxa7#
1...Qxa2 2.Rxd3#
1...Rd2  2.Sxf3#

To defend against the threat, each black half-pinned piece unpins the bBd3, but, of course, leaves its colleague fully-pinned, leading to mates by the wQ. The bQb3 separates these mates. This problem subsequently turned out to be fully anticipated. It was this danger of anticipation with orthodox chess problems that was one of the facts that confirmed me in my decision to compose mainly unorthodox chess problems. The other was the comment of a #2 expert I showed this problem to. “One might make something of this problem,” he said.

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