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Chess Problem 1991b2c401


BCSC Final, 1991-1992



1.Rb3! [2.Rd3           (3.Bb5#)
                Sc3, Sa3 3.R(x)c3#]

1...Se6 2.Bb5+  Kxd5     3.Rxf5#
1...Be6 2.Sxe3+ Kd4      3.Bg7#

The bPe7 is interfered with twice, once by a bS and once by a bB.

In 1991 I took over directorship of the British Chess Solving Championship from John Rice. I composed this straightforward #3 for my first final, where it didn’t collect very many victims. There was one notable scalp, but he had set up the position incorrectly.

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