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Chess Problem 1991a6b601

Charles Frankiss, Mark Ridley & BDS

Problem Observer, 1991


Circé (rex inclusiv)
Madrasi (rex inclusiv)

1.Sc7! (2.Se8#)

1...Re8 2.Re5#
1...Be8 2.Bf7#

With its rebirth square e8 unoccupied, there is no threat to remove the bK from the board, so it is not in check from the wBd8. With the key, which interferes with the bishop’s ‘attack’ on the bK, White threatens to occupy e8, so checking and mating the bK. Black rushes to occupy e8 himself. As the rebirth square of the wS (b1) is occupied, if, after Black’s defences, White were to try 2.Sxe8?, the knight would not be reborn, e8 would still be occupied, and Black thus not in check. Playing the knight elsewhere would be check, but Black could annul it by moving his piece on e8 anywhere. In both variations, White plays a battery check with the firing piece paralysing the piece on e8, using the Madrasi rule. In each case this is then mate.

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