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Chess Problem 1991a2f401


diagrammes, 1991


PAOs d8; c8, g3, h4, h6
VAOs a3, c2; d3, h5
MAO b7

1.Qe7!  (2.Qe1  &    3.Qxg3#)

1...VAe2 2.Qe3+ dxe3 3.VAc1#
1...PAe3 2.Qe4+ dxe4 3.PAxd4#
1...VAe4 2.Qe5+ fxe5 3.VAd6#

In each variation the wQ sacrifices itself to a bP whose new path forward has just been blocked by a black piece. White then plays an anti-battery mate over the blocked hurdle. So, the theme is anticipatory hurdle block. The setting is very heavy and has more Chinese Pieces than I would allow today – i.e. 4 bPAs and VAs on the same colour. If I managed to construct such a position these days, I probably wouldn’t publish it.

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