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Chess Problem 1990c1d501


4th Comm., Phénix, 1990


LEO a7
PAOs c6, h5
VAOs g5; a4, h4, h7
MAOs c7, f8

1.Qe7!  (2.Qxd6+ Kxe4 3.Sd2#)

1...Rxf6 2.Kb2   &    3.Sc3#
1...LEb8 2.Kd2   &    3.Sc3#

1.Sc3? is illegal self-check, the knight acting as a hurdle over which the bPAc6 checks the wK. White can threaten 2.Sc3# by moving his king off the c-file. Both b1 and d1 are illegal because of self-check by bVAs over one or other of the wSs. There are two remaining, legal, king moves. But 1.Kb2? is refuted by 1...VAxf6! as then 2.Sc3 would be illegal self-check, and 1.Kd2? is refuted by 1...LEa5! as then 2.Sc3 would be illegal self-check. After the key, Black is forced into 1...Rxf6 and 1...LEb8, which eliminate 1...VAxf6 and 1...LEa5 respectively, so allowing the continuations 2.Kb2 and 2.Kd2, each threatening unstoppable mate by 3.Sc3#. One of my heavy, quiet play Chinese Piece mates in three. They are difficult to construct and I guess I didn’t find the best setting this time.

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