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Chess Problem 1990a6c601


The Problemist, 1990


LEOs d4; e1
PAOs g4; h7
VAOs b7, d8

1.PAf4! (2.LEf6+ gxf6 3.PAxf6#)

1...PAh6 2.LEd1      (3.Sfd4#)
                 LEd2 3.Se7#
1...VAf6 2.LEg1      (3.Sbd4#)
                 LEf2 3.Sa5#

In each variation the wLE retreats to threaten an S mate where the LE guards a square (A) over the mating S that the S released in mating. The black LE interposes on this new guard line. The wLE now guards (A) over the LE, so allowing the wS to mate elsewhere. A complex scheme with quiet play that proved difficult to construct, as the diagram shows. My first Chinese Piece #3.

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