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Chess Problem 1989g2h401


Bournemouth Fairy Solving Tourney, 1989


LEOs b7; c1, c3
PAOs a4, c6; d5, g1
VAOs e1; b4, h1
MAO f2

1.PAf6!   (2.LEe7#)

1...LEc6+  2.MAe4#
1...LExg7+ 2.MAg4#
1...LEa3   2.PAh6#
1...PAd7   2.LExh1#
1...LEc7   2.MAg4, MAe4

The bVAOb4 is pinned, but if unpinned could capture the wVAOe1. The key allows two black checks to the wK on two different lines, one because of square vacation and one due to square occupation. Because the checking LEO is the hurdle over which, in the diagram position, the pinned bVAOb4 attacks the wVAOe1, White can mate by unpinning the bVAO and blocking the check at the same time. Thus Goethart unpins are combined with cross-checks. The dual after 1...LEc7 is very unfortunate, but I was unable to eliminate it.

When Great Britain hosted the annual meeting of the FIDE Commission for Chess Composition in Bournemouth, John Beasley organised a fairy solving tourney and asked for originals. I, along with other British composers, obliged, this problem being my contribution. The tourney was won by Georgy Evseev, who also won the WCSC that year.

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