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Chess Problem 1989b2e801


feenschach, 1989


Total Tactics
LEO c3
PAOs a5; d3

1.Qc2!   (2.PAa8#)

1...LEd2+ 2.f4# (2.f3?)
1...PAd2+ 2.f3# (2.f4?)

The key, very strong because it avoids the very strong black move 1...Rxf2+!, allows the threat, paralyses the Queen and allows two black checks, which are Black's only defences. But those defences unpin the wPf2, which, by unguarding the wRe3, can check Black. 1...LEd2+ opens a line of guard to wPc6, which no longer guards d7, meaning that White in mating has to avoid guarding wBg4, which also guards d7. 1...PAd2+ opens a line of guard to the wPg6, so in mating, White has to avoid guarding wSg5, which also guards f7. Dual Avoidance.

Total Tactics was an invention by the great T R Dawson. It is better known these days as Anti Ultra Patrol Chess.

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