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Chess Problem 1987h1f601

Colin Vaughan & BDS

HM., Cambridge, 1987


2 solutions

1.Qc1+ Kh2  2.Qg5  Rf7#
1.Sf3  Rxb2 2.Sg5+ Rb7#

One of the high points of attending BCPS residential weekends is the opportunity they present for composing jointly with other composers and the late Colin Vaughan and I collaborated at several of those meetings. He was a delight to work with, always quietly encouraging and polite when pointing out aspects that he thought could be improved.

I don't remember the theme set for this tourney, but I do remember the judge, Norman Macleod. In those days, Norman was the only one of us who had facilities for testing problems by computer, having written a program in 'C' on his Sinclair QL. Colin and I submitted our problem one evening and the next morning, at breakfast, Norman informed me that it was cooked. I looked at the position and suggested that the addition of a black pawn on a3 should eradicate the unsoundness. Norman then said that he had already tried that and that the problem was indeed then sound.

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