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Chess Problem 1980e6c601


The Problemist, 1980

LEO g2
PAOs c1; h5
VAO e4

1.Ke7   (2.Bd5#)

1...d5   2.fxe4#
1...VAd5 2.LExc2#
1...PAd5 2.LEg6#
1...g5   2.Bxc4#

Black can defeat the threat by playing to the threat square, as then, if the threat were to be carried out, the mating move would be a capture and the capturing piece would disappear along with the piece it had captured. 1...d5 places an immoveable hurdle on d5, so allowing White to clear the attack path from the LEg2. 1...VAd5 unguards c2, so allowing the LE to capture there opening up the attack from the PAc1. 1...PAd5 immobilises the hurdle on d6, allowing the LEg6#, with no fear of anything black being able to interpose on the checking line. Finally 1...g5 attacks the mating square over the new g5 hurdle. That stops the PAh5 from interposing on the c-file, so allowing 2.Bxc4, uncovering a second check from the PAc1.

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