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Chess Problem 1979a8f601

BDS & John Driver

The Problemist, 1979


H#2 (b) VAOd7<–>LEOh3
LEO h3
VAO d7

a) 1.Qe6 LEc3+ 2.Bd6 LEc6#
b) 1.Qf5 LEd4+ 2.Bf4 LEf2#

Two black pieces place themselves on a single future pin-line. One of them is also a self-block and the other follows a checking unpin from White.

For a short time in the 1970s, following his article on Chinese Pieces in the British Chess Magazine, I corresponded with John Driver. This was the only problem that resulted. John had been working on a Grasshopper idea that he couldn’t get sound. I couldn’t get it sound either, but at some point realised that it might be easier with Chinese Pieces.

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