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Chess Problem 1978g6b501


3rd HM., British Chess Magazine, 1978


LEO g2
PAOs c3, d5; d7, f7
VAOs f2, g4; h1, h6

1.Kxf6!   (2.VAxd7#)

1...LEf1+  2.VAc5#
1...LExc6+ 2.Sc5#
1...LExb2+ 2.PAcc5#
1...PAd6+  2.Sxc7#
1...PAd8   2.Sxc7#
1...PAe7   2.Sd4#

The white king makes the key – unpinning the white VAOg4 and threatening mate by capture of d7 – and walks into four checks. In the three checking defences by the black LEO, Black unguards the white PAOd5 as the black LEO no longer acts as a hurdle for the defending black VAOh1. All of these LEO checks are over a white hurdle, which then moves to c5 as a hurdle for the white PAOd5 – typical anti-battery cross-checks. The PAO check on d6 is a little different: the white piece that acts as a hurdle over which Black checks White still moves to give mate, but this time no anti-battery is involved. As a Chinese Piece can only capture by jumping over a hurdle, any move of the black PAOd7 is a defence, and, as well as the check on d6, it can also move to d8 and e7. Both of these are simple unguards, the former of c7 (leading to a repeat of the mate after the check on d6) and the latter of d4.

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