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Chess Problem 1977h2g401


The Problemist, 1977



1.Rxe6!   (2.Sf6#)

1...S~    2.Bxf3#
1...Sc6!  2.Re4#
1...Sd3!  2.Rc6#
1...gxf4  2.Rxg6#

My first orthodox two-mover. A random error by the knight is corrected twice. This problem was inspired by a tourney announcement with a very precise theme requirement that I saw in BCM. After I had composed this potential entry I felt unsure about whether it was thematic, so I wrote to Christopher Feather, then problem editor of BCM. He replied that I should consult a #2 expert and suggested Barry Barnes, then #2 editor of The Problemist. Barry replied that it wasn't thematic, but that it was a good problem anyway, and asked if he could publish it in The Problemist. That question was easy to answer!

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