Audio Drama Links
Am Audio Media

A independent producer (based in Toronto, Canada) of audio drama. Their featured production, Dark Journey is a fan-produced melding of Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. Not listened yet, but it is so intriguing that I just must.

Bafflegab Productions

Maker of The Scarifyers, as heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra. A very good website with articles, illustrations and photographs.

BBC Audio Drama

Visit the BBC iPlayer Radio page with the category already selected to ‘Drama’

BBC Radio 3

The BBC’s radio station for ‘Culture’, including drama.

BBC Radio 4

The BBC’s ‘Intelligent Speech’ network. Drama is included in that description.

BBC Radio 4 Extra

The BBC’s digital radio channel featuring lots of lovely drama. Started off as BBC 7, then became BBC Radio 7, but has been BBC Radio 4 Extra for a while now.

Bert Coules

Freelance writer, dramatiser for radio of many of the Sherlock Holmes stories, amongst other things.

Big Finish

A source of first class sci-fi-based audio drama. A must for Doctor Who fans!

Brokensea Audio

An independent producer of mostly sci-fi audio drama. This site features free downloads.

Cornucopia Radio

A Sheffield-based independent producer of audio drama and comedy.

Neville Teller

Neville Teller is a veteran writer, especially for radio, with very many adaptations of famous novels for that medium.

Nigel Deacon’s Diversity Website

The Diversity Website is just what it says on the tin, with plenty of information and articles on radio drama.


RUSC is a rather different supplier of audio drama. For a small monthly subscription, you may download just about as many Old Time American Radio programmes (from the 1930s through to the 1960s) as you like. Of course, this is old pre-FM radio, so the sound quality is far from what one would expect today, but if you are able to put that aside, there are many gems here, and not just in the drama category.

Wireless Theatre Company

An independent producer of Audio Drama, with downloads.

I am happy to add more links to this list. Just let me know.

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