For some while I have been developing a replacement for the old chess problem testing program Kalulu. That program was developed under MS-DOS and will no longer run under versions of Windows newer than Windows XP. It is intended that Kalulu for Windows will do all that the original Kalulu could do and more. A couple of years or so ago, a pre-release version was issued to the editor and sub-editors of The Problemist. In due course I will release Kalulu for Windows to a wider world and it will be available for download from this website. I am actually doing the development work under Linux, so a Linux version is also planned.

Kalulu for Windows comprises two parts. A User Interface, written in Java and a solving engine (currently called ‘Meson’) written in C. The first version will only solve direct mates, but other stipulations will be added later. There are currently no plans for Kalulu for Windows to be able to cope with Fairy problems. The solving engine will eventually be used for testing (and in some cases classifying) the problems in my Meson Chess Problem Database.

A list of planned bug-fixes, amendments and additions can be seen by selecting the TO DO menu item on the left.

Developed and maintained by Brian Stephenson.
Implemented with HTML5, MySQL, Perl (with, inter alia, CGI::Simple, HTML::Template & XML::LibXML) & CSS/Javascript (jQuery, Bootstrap & DataTables).